I'm baaaaack...! So sorry for being gone so long. Between completing my Masters dissertation (#thevalleyoftheshadowofDEATH), job hunting, and starting work again, I have literally had NO time :( But the important thing is that FTTLP is back. I've got some great posts already lined up for you in the next couple of weeks, so let's get straight to it!!

If you'd been keeping your eye on the catwalks this past Fashion Month, you'd practically have to have been blind not to notice polkas EVERYWHERE. Different colours, different sizes, overlays... Let's not call it a revival, cause let's be honest, polkas can never go out of fashion. But I am so here for the re-celebration of this oh so fabulous trend. I am a true sucker for a dot-adorned garment and own several tops and dresses covered with spots. There's something that's so feminine and demure, yet playful about polkas. And, paired with the right cut and length, you can even make a dot super sexy.