Hi all! Back with some make up talk for you today, and in the spotlight is make up brand Maybelline. Maybelline launched in Kenya earlier this year (along with power house brand Revlon). It's great to see international make up companies embracing the Kenyan market as the HUNGER is out there. I have got to admit though, I'm only a recent convert to Maybelline. I actually used to walk past their counter in make up shops for a long while, not quite seduced by their products, until around a year and half ago or so. I don't know what persuaded me to do it - maybe it's a rebranding and clever new marketing -  but since trying out their products, I am a huge fan and there is no going back!

So you've wandered down to your nearest stockist, and you're confronted with a shelf full of product. Where to start? Look no further than the Volum' Express mascara range.


There is probably nothing more annoying than trying to shift that stubborn eye make up from your eyes after a big night out. If you've ever made the mistake of trying to get rid of your eyeshadow/mascara/eyeliner/glitter with a baby wipe (like me), you'll know how bad of an idea that is. You only manage to move about 1/2 the product off your face, and the rest kind of gets ingrained in your skin and you wake up in the morning looking like a panda.