I am in LOVE. There's no other way to say it. You know when you bag a new beauty buy that just makes you wanna scream? That's me right now. I spotted this bad boy over on fellow blogger Sharon's instagram (@this_is_ess) the day before yesterday and set out determined to get myself a tube before they all ran out. 

I went straight after work and I'm now the proud owner of a Nouba Millebaci in shade 46. Isn't it divine? Nouba is an Italian cosmetic line, known for their premium mineral makeup (look out for a post on their eyeshadow soon). Their liquid lip colour line Millebaci comes directly from the Italian, mille baci, meaning a thousand kisses. I don't know why, but this made me love it even more when I found out. The line is made up of gorgeous semi-permanent lip stains, all packed with Vitamin C and E for added benefits. I love the packaging too - clean and crisp. Each lip colour comes in its own black cardboard box. 

Shade 46 is a gorgeous deep, blue-toned red. I really tried to get a good depiction of the colour for you on my lips, but it just kept photographing lighter than it is in person! Time for a new camera me thinks! For comparison's sake, its a couple of shades darker and matter than Mac's Ruby Woo - you can see the colour better below (and on my instafeed on the right)It glides on wet, but dries to a perfect matte in less than a minute. The texture really is beautiful, it's so lightweight it almost feels like you have nothing on your lips. 

Top: Millebaci 46
Bottom: Ruby Woo

I applied this straight from the tube as I've got a fairly steady hand and have gotten good practice at applying my lippy without too much over spill. But as the colour is very intense, so if you're a bit shaky, I would suggest using a thin lip brush to apply or having some concealer at hand to clean up afterwards.

You can get this from Nakshi in Nakumatt Ukay, Parklands on the ground floor. I somehow lost my receipt and so can't give you the exact price (blogger fail), but it was around KES 1,600...and worth every Shilling.

If you've tried out any of the other shades, I'd love to know your recommendations. I will almost definitely be back for more!

What do you think of #46? Will you be trying it out?

- Olivia


  1. Inciteful. Especially seeing it with Ruby woo, I think its better for darker skin tones. Do they only sell it in Kenya?

    1. It's SUCH a lovely shade and I really do get comments on it whenever I wear it. That doesn't mean I would completely get rid of my Ruby Woo, mind. RW is just a touch lighter on the lips, and I keep convincing myself that I really do need just ONE more red lippy! :)

      I'm not sure if they sell it in Uganda, but try and get in touch with Nakshi Nouba on instagram (@nakshi_nouba)...they may do deliveries!

  2. Replies
    1. It's amazing isn't it?! Get some :)

  3. I want one.... looking for one actually.. do u know where I can get it apart from nakumatt UK?

  4. Just purchased it , can't wait to try it ❤️

    1. Good move Aurelia! Let me know what you think once you try it out!